The Production Process

A mixture of rice and water is expanded inside a matrix that has the desired shape and size and then baked at 300 C temperature and 100 bar pressure.

Expanding is a process that adds nutritional and gastronomical value, not only to cereals, but also to the by-products that usually can hardly be used with the same success in any other way. To conclude, the high temperatures and pressures characteristic for this process and the low content of free humidity of the expanded products confer them a high resistance to pathogen microorganisms and do not allow the emergence of mould. All these make our products long preservable.

What is the Process of Production?

Expanding represents one of the transforming processes that cereals, (especially rice, wheat and barley) undergo, in order to be consumed without passing through the traditional cooking methods.

Rice Cakes

  • The product represents an important alternative to bread, as it does not contain gluten and it has less calories.
  • They are a source of easily assimilated carbohydrates.
  • They are most of the times produce from whole-grain rice: the grain of rice keeps its skin which is rich in nutritional substances and fibers.
  • Due to the way they are baked, they represent a light and digestible product, additives and dyes free.

Energy value

381 kcal (1617 kJ)


8,1 gr


2,8 gr

     of which saturated

0,7 gr


1,3 gr


0,9 gr


80,9 gr

      of which glucides

0,6 gr


3,9 gr


0,04 gr


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